Levern Darrell Scippio


I created Hugh Mann Development to change the world.  I hope it can be a symbol to show people that everyone can change for the better. You can grow and shape your future. You are the master of your destiny. 

The sigma logo represents the sum of all your experiences and the crest logo represents the armor that you wear every day you walk out the door, You are smart. You are continuously learning. You are are a survivor. 

What are you gonna do to change the world?


To a few people, these are just T-shirts, clothing, products to be purchased, To some this is just a marketing strategy by another company in order to get them to spend their hard earned cash. But for many, it will be their way of letting the world know they are a part of the change. They are a part of the future. They are a part of what's new. 

How are you gonna let the world know who you are?